By making an effort to save water at home, you will lower your utility bill and conserve a valuable natural resource. Let’s look at some easy things your family can do to reduce water consumption.

Turn off the Tap to Save Water at Home

It’s not necessary to leave the water running while brushing your teething, lathering your hands, or shaving. Use the water to dampen the toothbrush, your hands, or your face. Then, turn off the tap. When you’re ready to rinse, turn the water on again. You can save gallons of water every day simply by turning the faucet off.

Install a Water-Saving Showerhead

A new showerhead can provide a luxury shower experience while saving water. Modern showerheads are designed to offer good water pressure, using fewer gallons per minute. Look for a WaterSense label to find the most water-efficient showerhead.

Save Water at Home by Using a Dishwasher

A dishwashing machine uses less water than cleaning dishes by hand. Only use the machine to wash full loads to save more water.

Repurpose Water

Find clever ways to reuse the water in your home. Save the water that was heated to cook pasta and use it to water plants. Water from washing fruits and veggies can be used the same way.  If you have a long wait for the water to get hot enough to bathe, use a dishpan or bucket to catch the flow. It can be used for cleaning the house, watering the garden, or scrubbing the porch.

Use a Rain Barrel

If you have a lawn or garden to water, a rain barrel will come in handy. Install the barrel at the end of your gutter’s downspout. It will save water for you to use later. Some rain barrels have a tap or spigot that you can hook a garden hose up to.

Add Mulch to Save Water at Home

Mulch is great for weed control and it helps the soil retain moisture. Spread mulch around your garden flowers and young trees. They’ll require less frequent watering because the soil will stay moist longer.

Repair Leaks

Even a minor drip from a faucet wastes gallons of water over time. If you notice a leaking pipe, toilet, or appliance, have it repaired immediately. In addition to wasting water, leaks can damage your home and lead to mold growth.

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